Officials to Consider Updating Parking Signs and Spots in Los Angeles

Parking in Los Angeles is notoriously frustrating and confusing. The biggest contributor to the problem? The signs that dictate where drivers can park given the day of the week and the time of day; the length of time parking is allowed; when a driver can stop; and when a car can load or unload passengers. […]

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The Latest Use for Forklifts: Fighting Crime at a Texas Supply Company

On average, one in four workplace accidents and injuries will involve a forklift in some way. Yet one recent event showed that using forklifts, despite their hazards, can be highly beneficial in some unexpected ways. According to a September 25 WHAS 11 article, workers at Morrison Supply Company in Houston, Texas managed to catch a […]

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Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses Contribute to Job Growth in Sacremento

Professional and Business Services was one of only two sectors to show job loss in May’s otherwise promising jobs report for the Sacramento Capitol Region’s 12 core industries. This changed dramatically the next month when the sector added 15,000 jobs, beating it’s 10-year average by 700 jobs. Check out Australian online casino list on bestauscasinos.com! […]

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LA Bike Trains Help Commuters Get to Work Safely, But Risks are Still Present When Riding in the City

Many commuters today prefer to leave behind public transportation and gas guzzling vehicles to bike to work instead, especially in Los Angeles. And while LA’s bicycle commuters face challenges on the road, one group is truly practicing the idea of safety in numbers. The grassroots project is known as LA Bike Trains.The group helps bike […]

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April Auction of Iconic Doll House Pieces Nets Over $500,000 in Final Sales

This past April, part of the legendary antique doll house collection of Flora Gill Jacobs went up for auction — an exciting event for people everywhere who have been fans of the iconic collector. For over 60 years, Flora Gill Jacobs was well-known for her commitment to doll houses. She wrote about, talked about, and […]

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Local Businesses Use Courier Services for Better Shipping Options

The first known couriers were in Egypt, 4,400 years ago. Pharaohs would use couriers for delivering their written documents. Today, despite the odds, courier services are still popular, and part of a growing worldwide industry. Couriers are often the cheapest option for same- or next-day delivery services because they can bike or drive within cities […]

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Three Common Questions About Same Day Delivery Services

Does any other three-word phrase evoke as much anxiety and relentless, frantic movement as “holiday shopping season?” There’s so much to consider and so little time to consider it! So many extraneous family members to shop for and so few online services that actually have the gifts you want in stock. And worse, when you […]

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How to Find Reliable Local Delivery Services: Three Facts About Couriers

According to IBizWorld, there are approximately 181,000 courier businesses in the U.S. Courier services provide unique delivery options for urban environments, and they are unlikely to lose popularity anytime soon. Couriers regularly carry everything from Thai takeout to subpoena filings for court cases. These businesses offer a transport solution so that you don’t need to choose between spending […]

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Why a Bike Courier Service May Be Ideal for Delivering Packages Crosstown

Valued at about $14.5 billion in America, courier services employ about 514,921 people throughout the country. This kind of alternative package delivery service, particularly if it utilizes a different means of transportation from traditional delivery via motor vehicle, can save clients money they would have otherwise had to spend for gas. It can also save […]

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