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If you own a business with a strong local following then you might want to consider a new revenue stream we call the “luxury tax”.  Here is how it works.

Sure, you have a certain segment of your customers who love you and want your product as much as they can get it. That’s great.  But there is one drawback. In order to get your product they generally have to come into your business to get it. This takes time – something that not everyone has a lot of these days.

What if you offer a luxury service that will deliver your products and charge a premium fee for that delivery. This makes your product more accessible, meets your customers’ needs, and brings in more revenue. It is a win-win for all who are involved.

In fact, we have business partners that source all their delivery to LA Courier Service and it has been very successful. All orders are serviced by LA Courier Service, so the business has no overhead dealing with delivers, drivers, and the high national carrier fees.

The best part is that you are going to dazzle your customers with your high quality customer service as they will generally get your product delivered to them in a matter of hours – not days. We’ve even helped some of our business partners project the cost of deliveries. This allows them to setup monthly packages where customers can subscribe to have things delivered to their doorstep weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

As mentioned above, this is a definitely a winning situation for all who are involved. It is more revenue for you, customer satisfaction, and brand building. All it takes is one call to LA Courier Service to make it happen.

Let LA Courier Service Be Your Business Delivery Partner in Los Angeles


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