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LA Courier Service is the #1 LA messenger service hands down. We are #1 because our team is 100% dedicated to providing the best customer service to each and every customer.

You may be asking yourself – how is LA Courier Service different from any other private Los Angeles courier service out there? The answer is simple. It is because LA Courier Service customers tell us we are different from any other private courier service company because of our commitment to customer service and ability to deliver on time, every time. In fact, we have had many of our customers for well over 15 years. LA Courier Service is always ready to go the extra mile for our customers. Discover the messenger service Los Angeles businesses and Hollywood celebrities trust with their most valuable packages and deliveries.

Our Highly Trained Team

One factor that sets us apart from the competition is our highly trained team of employees.  What makes us different from our competitors is that our employees have one role in which they become highly trained in and then that is all they do. Many courier and messenger service companies have employees do 100 different things. Not at LA Courier Service. We have a dedicated staff that is exclusively trained in their position.

For example, our motorbike couriers know how to take advantage of streets and paths only a motor bike can. And our bike and mobile foot messengers are experts at what they do as well. By allowing them to specialize in that one position they can become the best at what they do. 

We Specialize in Customer Service 

Just like our truck drivers who know everything there is to know about getting to your location to pick up your package and then everything they need to know about making your delivery – our customer service staff knows exactly what they need to know to take care of all of your needs as a customer. No matter what type of courier need you have, we are here to make sure that need is met.

We Do What it Takes for Every Delivery

We have every type of courier available on our highly trained delivery team. As mentioned above, we even have mobile foot messengers. Yes, there are  many times we do need to send a mobile messenger on foot. Why you may ask? Well, there may be a parade, an accident,  or some other type of event. So that is when we drop our mobile foot messenger off and say run Forest, run Forest! Whatever  it takes to get your package delivered, we do it.

This is what makes us the#1  LA Messenger Service out there.

Customer First LA Messenger Service


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