Local Businesses Use Courier Services for Better Shipping Options

The first known couriers were in Egypt, 4,400 years ago. Pharaohs would use couriers for delivering their written documents. Today, despite the odds, courier services are still popular, and part of a growing worldwide industry.

Couriers are often the cheapest option for same- or next-day delivery services because they can bike or drive within cities for pickup and drop-off. They can also be the most reliable option for sensitive shipping, such as for medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. Here are three things that have happened in the world of courier delivery services this past year.

Health Groups Slam Company’s Option for Same Day Alcohol In Australia, retail liquor store Dan Murphy introduced a new option online where customers could order anything by noon, and for $15, have their purchases arrive by 5pm. Many have been quick to criticize the move. “A same-day home delivery service potentially bypasses a lot of the traditional barriers to alcohol access,” said Mike Daube, an advocate for the Center for Action on Alcohol and Youth. He points out that minors could easily get around age requirements while placing an order. Spokespeople replied to say that there are measures in place to prevent purchases being made by minors.

Local Businesses Use Courier Services for Better Shipping Options A new article on Forbes details how businesses searching for same day delivery services led to couriers being one of the big trends in e-commerce this year. “The same day delivery trend is driven by companies of all sizes,” they explain. Many big name companies, in fact, are currently experimenting with working with local messenger services to help connect their consumers to products right when they want them.

Courier Same Day Delivery Services Subject to Adverse Weather Conditions One difficulty of having items delivered by bike, though, is that services can be delayed on days where there are bad weather or road conditions. In Abu Dhabi this past week, unstable weather halted deliveries across the country as heavy rain and flooding prevented safe travel. Several Amazon customers received notice from the retail company that their packages might not arrive on time because of “extreme weather conditions or an unforeseen natural event.”

Have you ever made use of next day delivery services provided by couriers? Let us know in the comments!

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