Why waste time trying to brave the LA traffic to get your package, gift, or business documents delivered. With LA Courier Service you can relax because we offer same day delivery anywhere in Los Angeles.

This means you can focus on what matters most while the experts help you be in two, three, even four places at one time. Just give us a call to see how easy it is to setup your own personal LA courier and messenger service. Get packages delivered, dry cleaning picked up, a hot meal from your favorite restaurant, with our Los Angeles messenger delivery services.

It doesn’t matter what it is, we pick it up and deliver it to you on-time, every time.

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We offer a range of LA delivery options for every budget. Every delivery includes the following promise:

  • Guaranteed Delivery or your money back
  • 10% Price Beat Guarantee (find cheaper we will beat it by 10%)
  • Proof of service on all deliveries
  • Package tracking


Los Angeles Courier Service has been around over 20 years because of our Customer First policy. In everything we do we try to make sure our customers are not only satisfied but they are wowed by our simple, easy, and affordable Los Angeles courier services.

We offer everything from setting up personalized couriers dedicated to our star clients and business owners to making sure we deliver the service to keep your business. That’s what makes LA Courier Service the #1 courier service in Los Angeles for over 20 plus years.

LA Courier Service provides the most reliable delivery services. Our services include messenger service, midnight express courier, and couriers in the Beverly Hills area and our courier service caters to Orange County as well. LA Courier Services guarantees customer satisfaction and 24 hour delivery in Los Angeles and go beyond Los Angeles with the help of our strategic alliance with shipping companies. Try our services today to find out what Customer First is all about!

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Regular Delivery is for things you want to arrive but you’re not in a rush. This option is super economical and still guaranteed to arrive in a reasonable time. Often our regular delivery gets delivered in just a few short hours. Let the Pro’s at LA Courier Service be your business partner and deliver what needs to be delivered.

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Rush Delivery is well things delivered in a rush. We put a priority on these deliveries and make sure they are delivered before regular delivery items. The time of delivery ranges from 2-4 hours and depends on item, distance, and time of day. Call us or click below to get an estimate on time and price for your rush delivery.

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Sometimes you need it there yesterday. Well use our HOT Rush Delivery where we pickup and deliver direct. That means we pick up and head straight for the delivery destination. No stops, your stuff is hot and needs to be delivered now. HOT Rush Delivered items can arrive in a matter of minutes based on the item, distance and time of day.

Same day LA delivery, in less than 24 hours is our guarantee in the Los Angeles area including Beverly Hills, and Orange County. You can count on LA Courier Service for anything from food delivery, flower delivery, organic food delivery, organic meal delivery, lunch delivery to of course package delivery. It is why we are the courier service Los Angeles celebrities and businesses choose first for their most important packages. Our mantra is Customer First, try our services to find out why LA Courier Service is the best courier service Los Angeles has to offer.

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You have better things to do than to worry about your Los Angeles delivery. We manage:

  • Subpoena filings, summons and complaints
  • Provide advanced filing fees for you
  • Pre-schedule pick-ups for any day, any time
  • We deliver pay-checks.
  • Secure bank deposits for your safety; and more

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