Three Common Questions About Same Day Delivery Services

Does any other three-word phrase evoke as much anxiety and relentless, frantic movement as “holiday shopping season?” There’s so much to consider and so little time to consider it! So many extraneous family members to shop for and so few online services that actually have the gifts you want in stock. And worse, when you finally find the perfect gift for your Uncle Jeff (a piano-key necktie, naturally), you realize that standard shipping won’t get it to you in time for the actual holiday. It seems that all is lost. But then you remember the other, even more powerful three-word phrase that can sometimes be the cure-all for these specific types of woes: “same day delivery.” Yes, it’s a real thing, and though it seems almost too good to be true, there’s always a service out there that can get the piano-key neckties where they need to go. Of course, you might have some questions about this particular type of service, and understandably so.

What kinds of stores or services would offer same day delivery package shipping? Do you want the short answer or the long answer? Well, why don’t we just venture into both. In short, everyone. Though the trend first rose to prominence via use by online retailers, same day deliveries — what retail services call the “last mile” — are now being offered by brick-and-mortar establishments, chain stores and even smaller local neighborhood shops. Think about it: Since this kind of speedy courier service is what customers have come to expect, how can any retailer afford to forego it?

That’s good news for shoppers everywhere (like you). But how does it work? Try to remember back to the last time you ordered something from Amazon or eBay. Maybe it was cutting it a little too close to Christmas, so you forked over some extra cash to opt for same day delivery package shipping in order to ensure it arrived on time. But it’s not just for online shopping anymore. Try venturing to a crowded store during a busy shopping season (Christmas again, most likely) and they’ve run out of a particularly fashionable item. Some retailers have taken to having customers pay for it in-store, then registering their information in order to have a courier deliver it later that day when it finally arrives back in stock.

Whoa! But isn’t that putting small local delivery services out of business? Not necessarily. Plenty of small-time shops simply don’t have the economic capital to have a worker out making deliveries during these rush times, even if he or she is out roughing it on a bicycle. Even larger retailer don’t have that kind of manpower during the busiest shopping seasons. That’s why these companies are partnering with local courier services because of how their workers specialize in same day delivery package shipping — and quite expediently, too. With a local package delivery service, it’s as easy to pull off as a morning paper route.

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