Why Courier Services are on the Rise Across the Country

same day shipping serviceAccording to STLToday’s Consumer Central column, bike delivery services have been increasingly popular in multiple cities, in some ways subverting the common assumption that the internet often means cutting out the middle-man. Instead, customers who need same day shipping services are turning to small-business courier services that promise cheap and fast deliveries from their favorite stores and restaurants in local areas.

Three Advantages of Using Local, Cheap Delivery Services

  • Cars and traditional delivery services have a certain amount of overhead, stemming from operational costs, auto insurance and more, which limit just how low they can cut their prices for same day delivery. Local delivery services don’t always have these constraints, allowing them to offer more competitive deals.
  • Don’t feel like going to the restaurant, but your favorite Thai place doesn’t do delivery service? Local delivery people can help connect consumers to their favorite stores without having to take time out of their day. This type of service can be especially useful when one wants to avoid rush-hour traffic — something bikes don’t have to worry so much about.
  • Personalized care is often a priority for customers who are worried about the quick delivery of important items such as business briefs, legal notices or timely gifts. Having one person, and one local company, in charge of your delivery makes it easier to ensure an no-delay delivery.

Two Disadvantages of Local Same Day Delivery Services

  • Because local companies often rely on bikers to deliver small packages and mail, they can be more affected by extreme weather conditions that would not faze a car. Heavy rain, for example, can be very difficult for bikers to handle. Unplowed roads and cold days can also limit mobility.
  • Owing to the popularity of many of these services, if you want same day mail delivery during a busy period, you might be out of luck. One St. Louis courier service owner reported that they had to turn away around 40 orders on Valentine’s day because there were too many requests for drivers to handle.

One Reason it’s Worth Trying Out

  • It’s affordable, easy, and accommodates your late night munchies or lazy-Saturday desire to eat your favorite diner brunch food without getting out of bed. Local businesses are going to care about satisfying your request and turning you into a repeat customer.

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